Low-temperature Food
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I. Low-temperature food

The Department of Low-temperature Food, relying on the solid strength of Baodi Group, fully takes advantages of the industry chain and the deployment of national food industry parks over China and has introduced Europe's advanced deep processing equipment and technology in accordance with the international state-of-the-art meat processing specification and standardized management to produce various kinds of cooked meat. At present, there are 12 series of products, including the Western-style low-temperature, Chinese-style and leisure products.

II. Products

Sausages Products:

Roasted Products:

Baodi Skin Package:

Pressed Cooked Products:

Ham Products:

Sliced Products: 

Cured products:

Vegetarian Products:

Leisure Products:

Poultry Products: 


III. Terminal Display

IV. Marketing Network

Distribution map (for Baodi National Market Network)

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